Sometimes, the only way to kill, is to die.


  • Left stick/WASD: Move
  • Right stick/Arrow keys: Aim (You automatically shoot while aiming)
  • Esc: Return to main menu
  • R: Die

I highly recommend you download the game instead of playing it in browser, especially if you are using keyboard controls, because they don't respond well at all in the browser.

Press R to Die is a difficult top-down shooter consisting solely of 3 difficult boss fights. I planned on adding a final boss that was unlocked after completing the others, but I didn't have any ideas and I ran out of time, so the 3 battles are all you get.

Like with all my games, I have been unable to test Mac & Linux versions, but I think they work. If you run into any problems, telling me will really help!

Ground texture is from this assetstore package. Music is by Plastic Sound Design


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